Corporal Orlando Newcomer History


"A Salute to the Fallen: Local veterans posts carry forth the names of honored dead"

(Joseph Cress The Sentinel May 27, 2016)

It has been a tradition past and present for veterans' organizations to name local posts after native sons who paid the ultimate price. 

VFW Post 477 is named for Newcomer who was born in Carlisle on Nov. 13, 1896 and enlisted in Company G of the 8th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment on June 4, 1918, according to the Nov. 9, 1925 edition of The Sentinel.  The newspaper was reporting how post members had unveiled a bronze tablet in memory of Newcomer during a service the previous day at the First Reformed Church in Carlisle.

The article mentioned how Newcomer's unit entered into federal service on July 15, 1917 and was transferred to the 112th regiment of the 28th Infantry Division that sailed from Hoboken, New Jersey, on May 7, 1918.  Arriving in Calais nine days later, the unit formed part of the reserve during the assault on the Chateau Thierry region of northeast France. 

A corporal in charge of an automatic rifle squad, Newcomer was deployed to the front on July 7, 1918 and was killed in action at Hill 204 near Chateau Thierry two days later.

They were sole survivors at memorials to the honored dead. 

James Snyder and Augustus Albright were all that was left of a disbanded Grand Army of the Republic post.

Dressed in Union blue, they led the march of fellow veterans down the streets of Carlisle to a service held at the Westminster Memorial Gardens just outside town.

About 1,000 people had gathered near the grave of Cpl. Orlando Newcomer, a local native who was killed in action in France during World War I.  It was Memorial Day 1934 and the VFW Post named for the fallen warrior had timed the final ceremony of the day to the setting sun.

CorpOrlandoNewcomer Memorial Ceremony.jpg

A crowd gathers on Memorial Day around the gravesite of Cpl. Orlando Newcomer at Westminster Cemetery on May 27, 1934.


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